Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection

Vibraimage technology is the realization of medicine, psychology, modern computers and television sciences for human emotion recognition

Step 1. Download program for OS Windows and Android for free

Download and install VibraMO program for Windows or Android. Register on this Web-site and create username and password.

Step 2. Run the program and make measurments

Start the program, enter your login and password, make simple settings and make a measurment.

Step 3. Use prepaid points or bonuses to see result

Result will be automatically sent to this web-site. To see it, you need to use prepaid points or bonuses.


Android application available

VibraMA software solves the following targets:
1. Psychophysiological parameters monitoring and detection
2. Emotion recognition
3. Monitoring of person physiological parameters
4. Video surveillance in real time by vibraimage and suspicious person detection
5. Psychological testing

Smartphone requirements

1. Operation System Android 6.0 or later
2. Processor 600 МHz or better
3. Internal RAM 128Mbyte or better
4. Installed software Microsoft Office Exсel for Android
5. Camera front or/and back
6. Frame rate, frame/sec, not less 25
7. Internet connection. Access on HTTP protocol

Easy to get report, easy to pay

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FAQ about program

Please, read Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection System user manual before using.

How can I download the progam?

Our programs is free for Windows and Android. You can go to download page and select latest version.

How can I get login and password for program

Please, visit registration page and follow the instructions, It`s easy and fast.

What are the main goals of program?
System realizes remote and auto monitoring of emotions levels, such as stress, aggression and tension, and detects lie in a real time mode. It also allows to register and analyze human activity characteristics and to analyze medical, psychological and emotional human state for different applications.

How can I understand result?

Please, read small description to understand results.